• Terik Daly

    PhD Candidate

    Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

    Brown University


  • My research

    I leverage a variety of tools, including hypervelocity impact experiments and geochemistry, to figure out how and under what conditions impacts change the compositions of planetary bodies, including Earth. I focus on fundamental processes, not specific objects in the Solar System. Nevertheless, to date I have worked on problems related to Vesta, Ceres, and our very own Earth. I publish my research in peer-reviewed journals and present at international conferences.




  • My teaching and outreach

    I savor spreading science through teaching and public outreach. I immerse students in hands-on exploration and authentic research experiences while implementing evidence-based strategies to help students of diverse backgrounds find academic success.

    Habitable Worlds

    Each summer I teach "Habitable Worlds: Possible Places for Life in the Solar System and Beyond". I designed the course and currently co-teach it with my friend and colleague Stephanie Quintana Bouchey. Our award-winning class engages high school students uses problem-based learning as the mechanism for catalyzing student engagement.

  • By the numbers

    Numbers can't capture the essence of a person, but people use them anyway...


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